Try something new in the garden

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Try moving a garden bench to a new spot and creating a quiet area for rest and relaxation

Outdoor space is such a precious commodity that we all want to make the most of what we have. Easy garden ideas will simplify your time planning, planting and primping your space so you can enjoy it to the fullest.

Whether you’re short on time, money or knowledge, these garden ideas are here to inspire you to create a space you love – whether you have a large lawn or petite patio.

There are plenty of ways to give your garden an instant lift without having to call in the professionals for hard landscaping – which can also help you save on garden landscaping costs. We’ve brought together our favourite summer buys, quick tips and easy garden ideas that will spruce up your space. We also have lots of easy patio ideas to consider, like moving things around for a fresh take – could the bench or table and chairs be repositioned? Plant plenty of tubs around the seating area with scented blooms and herbs for you to enjoy.

If you have a summerhouse or shed, consider giving it a fresh coat of paint for an instant lift. Fences might need a facelift too, so think about colour blocking to add some modern pizzazz to your garden. Alternatively look at using bamboo or reed screening positioned in front of fences to transform the look – these options are eco-friendly too.

Easy garden ideas

A garden is a huge draw for today’s house hunters – with some prepared to spend much extra on a home because of one. Yet the heavenly promise of a gorgeous green paradise can all too easily turn into a hell of unfinished jobs, particularly if you don’t live and breathe trowels and bedding plants.

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