Living with Covid-19

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Living with Covid-19 and beyond strategies to cope.

Living with Covid-19:

As all around the world, the pandemic is spread that make the life of all people standstill. All life activities are stopped as different departments of our life such as school, colleges, universities, offices, and all other working areas have gone frozen due to pandemics. Many people from different parts of the world who are fond of exploring the world cannot fulfill their dreams. As living with Covid make your life full of stress, and mental conditions are destroyed.

Patient condition:

As a patient falls prey to the Covid virus, the virus starts showing its symptoms related to the body and malfunctions of different parts of the body. A Covid patient may suffer from fever, fatigue, weakness, the pain of joints, breathing problems, headache, running nose, and many other related complications related to respiratory, cardiology, and urology. The patient was soon admitted to the hospital after a confirmation test of getting the Covid. The patient was sent to an isolation room where he must spend time alone, which is very stressful and may lead to psychological problems as most of us cannot live independently. As the people have bad health conditions, they also live alone, and they cannot perform the activities they can do when they are healthy.


Many patients become more stressed as the whole family holding this will also be stressful for them. During Covid, self-management is necessary, which is done by health professionals by video calling and telephone. The patients must take proper diet on time and will perform the exercise. The patient must take adequate sleep, but poor health conditions cannot fulfill this need. 


Most of the time, the patient must rest, and nurses and other medical persons help him get rid of the disease. He must take a special diet that can increase his immunity, and he has periodically been vaccinated that boost up his immunity. His all-activities stop and still.


Strategies to cope with disease:


  • Routine, Routine, Routine: To cope with this challenge, you must change your activities and make them healthier, helping to release your stress that can make your brain work well.
  • You must meet your loved ones, dressed up, and eat healthy foods.


  1. Need fresh air:
    • Fresh air is also a source of healing. Go out, but you must maintain proper social distancing.
    • Open your window let cool or warm air in to take a breath in healthy air.


  1. Limit your exposure:
  • Do not move out more because it can lead to the source of Covid infection. You will use news stations to get knowledge of what is happening outside of the world.
  • Arrange activities to watch tv programs and news this will help you give joy and peaceful time.


  1. Nourish your mind with positivity:

Covid crises make you mind fill with negative thoughts. You must make your mind fresh. Watch movies, dramas and play games that fill your mind with positivity. 


  1. Limit places with more Covid:

You must rest at home and avoid going to the places that are messed with viruses of a pandemic. Avoid visiting public sites such as public places, visiting places, parks that are the primary source of Covid.

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